Julias Cesear’s introduction to Gregorian Calender, the leap year was mere mystery to many people in Bangladesh, a country where the education system is divided into numerous layers popularly known as Bangla Medium, English Medium, Madrasas (Religious School) and so on. Leap year, which has modern day scientific notion behind it, has an extra day in February in every four year, calculated by the time the earth takes to circle the sun. Most of Bangladesh’s daily accounts started from governmental institutions to non governmental institutions follow the Gregorian calendar and thus keep pace with the global system. On the contrary, the Bengali calendar, invented by the Mughal Emperor Akbar does not have such variety, and more popular to the people who are much more into agriculture in this country.

29 February, 2016 was one of those 24 odd days we have in a century. Dhaka was as usual hustling-bustling. Winter was almost gone. In the afternoon, Meer Saameh Mubashsher left his home and head for his private academic tuitions to Eminance, a popular private coaching centre in Gulshan, for English Medium students in Dhaka. But he never made it to the coaching that day; in fact nobody has ever seen the Sameh they used to know after that afternoon. Meer Saameh Mubashsheer just disappeared from his known world. After his disappearance, the family looked for him to every corner of the city for him. They have been to the law enforcing agency, filed a case, and used formal-informal channels, connections to reach law enforcing agency’s high officials to find their kid. But all of their attempts proved to be null hypothesis.

Talking to his father, Meer Hayet Kabir mentioned the night before; he was watching European football league in the TV and Meer was reading in his room. In the middle of the night around 1.30-2.00 Meer prepared some Jhal Muri (Puffed Rice with mustard oil, chilies and onions) and put a small bawl full of puffed rice beside his father. He was too much into the game and in his Tab that he did not notice that right at that moment. Once the game finished, Mr. Hayet found the bowl lying beside him and his son is sleeping on his bed.

‘Sameh was very simple, but a little introvert. Unlike many other young minds of these days, he was more humanistic and interested about religion. That is why, I bought him an English version of Quran, to facilitate his thrust with verses from holy inscription’, as Mr. Hayet said. According to him, Saameh did not have regular physical growth like 18 years old boy. He had the same physical issue in his earlier days as well and started to recover once he was 18. So, he was expecting Saameh to recover his physical loss this time, as he celebrated his 18th birthday on December 20, 2016. Saameh’s father was showing photos of that day on his Tab and suddenly brought an acoustic guitar from Saameh’s personal room.


‘It was a gift from his of his elder brother on his 18th birthday. He is a musician and wanted to encourage Saameh playing guitar in his leisure time. After that birthday, Saameh just started to play with the strings, only once he was in the mood. Saameh never had too many of friends. Rather he was more into family. Unlike many others, he loves to visit relatives on occasions’, Saameh’s father said.

Meer Saameh Mubashsheer, one of the accused attackers of Dhaka hostage incident, was grade 11 student in Scholastica, one of the upscale English medium schools in Dhaka. Many of his school mates denied talking to this writer and some of them in the name of anonymity mentioned, he never had a big group of friends rather a person who was never been in the pin point of any friend circle.   

‘I was speechless when I heard my son had done such work and died. We were expecting him to come back. So, to us this was unbearable. I believe, this was not my son. This was not someone whom I reared. He must have been brainwashed for something, which he believed. But now, I want to apologize to the whole world, on behalf of my son and want to help in any possible way to stop such heinous activities in the name of religion’, the aggrieved father said.

Khleda Prveen, Saameh’s mother said, ‘I do not know how things were there on that day, but just want to tell, can’t we catch them alive? If the law enforcing agency could catch them alive, that might help to know more about their accounts.’

With all these things taking into account, this was not the only case of disappearance. There are many other cases like Saameh. There are cases, where some of them came back to their parents. But not interested to talk to the media. People in the name of anonymity mentioned names such – Afif Mansif, Radin Yaseer and Rajon could be such few names who are no more disappeared.
After visiting Saameh’s house, this writer was taking tea in a road side tea stall where, people were talking about July 01 incident. In the middle of their heated discussions, one shouted saying,
‘they left their family to change the society, like many other rebellions of our society. They believed in some ideology which was wrong anyway, but to them it was the revolution. How come a boy of 18, can tolerate 20 dead bodies, which he killed and seeing in front of his eyes for hours? They are not our boys. Our boys were deceived in doing such things.’

Here comes the leap year again. As Saameh’s father said his son died before, maybe it was February 29 when Meer Saameh Mubasheer died to his fraternity.