Cha Chakra

Cha Chakra: Tea Tales of Bangladesh

By Faiham Ebna Sharif 
In December 2015, I went to Chandpore Tea Estate, a tea ‘plantation’/ ‘garden’ in the north-eastern district of Habiganj, Bangladesh along with a group of fellow friends among whom there were academicians, filmmakers, journalists, lawyers, political activists, and researchers  who wanted a dialogue with the Baganiyas, a community developed within their conscious who works at the tea plantations.

Clash in A Dhaka Cafe

Film Industry

The Fantasy Is More Filmic Than Fictional – Bangladesh Film Industry

On-going Project

“What is a film?” I asked to one of my dearest one during my childhood, when I was roaming around and trying to find out ‘the chemistry’ or rather, ‘the mystery’, behind the metaphysical relationship between men and women.


Life in Progress: People Living with HIV

By Faiham Ebna Sharif

Public health concerns in the post-colonial countries have an international dimension and connected with national security. Though as a public health issue, HIV/AIDS poses a little different pattern of the nexus of security, disease and commerce. In a country like Bangladesh, it is way different from other newly emerged nation states.